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How do I use the My Library feature?

How do I use the My Library feature?

Never lose track of what you were watching again! Available to users who log in with a TV subscription, this new feature manages what you’ve already watched, are in the middle of watching or want to watch in the future.

The My Library feature can be found in the main navigation on desktop and Connected TV interfaces, and on the bottom navigation bar on the iOS and Android apps.

Once signed in, users can add content to their Watch List by pressing the Add + button beside any piece of content. The button will change to a green checkmark once added. To remove from the Watch List, simply click the checkmark again.

Video content that a user has started to watch but not completed will automatically be added to the Continue Watching section where they can resume watching where they left off.

Additionally, the History section keeps track of all videos watched on site, so you can easily keep track of all content you’ve enjoyed.