Women of the House
Women of the House

Women of the House

1 Season
This program is presented as originally created. It may contain language, attitudes, cultural depictions and racial prejudices which may cause offence. Suzanne Sugarbaker goes to Washington, D.C., to fill the congressional seat of her late husband, Ray, as a favour to the governor. To help her feel more at home, Suzanne brings along Jim, her mentally challenged brother, and her adopted daughter, Desiree. Her staff is a diverse bunch: uptight and brittle administrative assistant Natalie Hollingsworth, press secretary (and recovering alcoholic) Sissy Emerson and Jennifer Malone, a fragile housewife trying to recover from being abandoned by her husband. Later, new intern Veda Walkman joins the team.
  • Cast

    • Delta Burke
    • Teri Garr
    • Patricia Heaton
    • Julie Hagerty
  • Executive Producers

    • Harry Thomason
    • Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
    • Delta Burke