The Ex and the Why
The Ex and the Why

The Ex and the Why

1 Season
Available with:  MTV
A relationship ends and the questions begin. Why is it over? What happens when feelings for a former partner persist? "The Ex and the Why" attempts to answer such questions. Each episode features two stories of young adults who are hung up on their exes. In some cases, the significant others have reinvented themselves and get to reveal the new look to their exes, who are blindfolded and told they are appearing on a different show. In other cases, the answer to the question some have been waiting years for -- why their ex left -- is finally heard. The surprise meetings result in a second chance at love, though some may wish the surprise never took place.
Reality, Romance
  • Director

    • Jason Harper
  • Producer

    • Adam Rider
  • Executive Producers

    • SallyAnn Salsano
    • Joel Zimmer