The D Cut
The D Cut

The D Cut

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Inspired by a true story, The D Cut follows an iconic queer hair salon fighting to stay open amid neighbourhood gentrification. D (Marie Marolle), hairdresser and local icon, believes everyone is just a cut away from living their best life and provides a safe space for queer cuts on a pay-what-you-can basis. When threatened with losing her communal home, she will learn that there is no shortcut to love or acceptance. From director DW Waterson and Shaftesbury.
Drama, Romance, Biography
  • Director

    • D.W. Waterson
  • Cast

    • Marie Marolle
    • Amrit Kaur
    • Marlee Walchuk
    • Keara Graves
    • Libby Osler
    • Vlad Alexis
    • Andy Yu
    • Elle Mills
    • Joanne Vannicola
    • Kiley May
    • Christopher Hayes
    • Courtney Lamanna
  • Executive Producers

    • Christina Jennings
    • Scott Garvie
    • Kaaren Whitney-Vernon
    • Kelly Mullen
    • Giles Morrison
    • Davin Lengyel
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The D Cut
S1 E0 - The D Cut (Trailer)