Square Pegs
Square Pegs

Square Pegs

1 Season
This program is presented as originally created. It may contain language, attitudes, cultural depictions and racial prejudices which may cause offence. Former "Saturday Night Live" writer Anne Beatts looked back at her own painful adolescence for this character-driven sitcom about skinny Patty Greene and brace-faced Lauren Hutchinson, two bright but nerdy Weemawee High School freshmen who make doomed attempts to join the "in" crowd, which includes spoiled rich girl Jennifer DeNuccio and preppy head cheerleader Muffy Tepperman. At least Patty and Lauren have a pair of friends in class clown Marshall Blechtman and New Wave music maven Johnny Slash.
  • Producer

    • Anne Beatts
  • Cast

    • Sarah Jessica Parker
    • Amy Linker
    • Merritt Butrick
    • John Femia
    • Tracy Nelson
    • Jami Gertz
    • Claudette Wells
    • Jon Caliri
    • Catlin Adams
    • Basil Hoffman
    • Steven Peterman