Save Me
Save Me

Save Me

1 Season
After Beth, a Midwestern woman from the suburbs, nearly dies choking on a sandwich, she wakes up to discover that she has a direct line to God. While her husband is dismissive -- and his mistress furious that her lover's wife is a prophet -- strange things begin to happen that challenge everyone's beliefs. Beth wouldn't be anyone's first guess as a conduit for the voice of God, but she begins doing things that surprise her family and enthrall her friends, proving that God really does work in mysterious ways.
  • Cast

    • Anne Heche
    • Michael Landes
    • Alexandra Breckenridge
    • Heather Burns
    • Madison Davenport
    • Joy Osmanski
  • Executive Producers

    • John Scott Shepherd
    • Scott Winant
    • Neal Moritz
    • Vivian Cannon
    • Alexa Junge