Pimp My Ride
Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride

6 Seasons
Available with:  MTV
A resourceful team of experts takes car customizing to a completely different level by taking some of the sorriest vehicles on the road and turning them into impressive new rides. Occasionally, if the participant's car is deemed unfixable or unsafe to work on, the crew gives the person a new car -- tricked out, of course.
  • Producers

    • Jon A. Levy
    • Ari Shofet
    • Jon Peper
    • John R.C. Davis
    • Joel Raatz
    • Mark A. Ryan
    • Jennifer Colbert
    • Tess Gamboa
  • Cast

    • Xzibit
    • Beau Boeckmann
    • Mad Mike
  • Writer

    • Larry Hochberg
  • Executive Producers

    • Larry Hochberg
    • Beth Greenwald
    • Bruce Beresford-Redman
    • Rick Hurvitz
  • Creators

    • Bruce Beresford-Redman
    • Rick Hurvitz