Marvel Anime: Ironman
Marvel Anime: Ironman

Marvel Anime: Ironman

1 Season
One of four collaborations between Marvel Entertainment and Japanese animation studio Madhouse, this 12-episode series presents the Armored Avenger in a harder-edged, anime-style saga more appropriate for older comic-book fans than small fry. World-famous inventor and incorrigible playboy Tony Stark travels to Japan to build an arc reactor that will provide the nation with unlimited free power. Also preparing to retire from the superhero biz, Stark plans to mass-produce a special suit of armour to support world peace. However, when a mysterious criminal organization known as Zodiac manages to take control of the high-tech machinery, Stark must assume the identity of ol' Shellhead once more to set things right.
  • Cast

    • Adrian Pasdar
    • Laura Bailey
    • Eden Riegel