Love Life
Love Life

Love Life

1 Season
14+, L, S, M
Available with:  CTV Drama Channel
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This romantic comedy series tracks Darby Carter (Anna Kendrick) across her twenties as she navigates work and romance in New York City – often with the insecurities of youth bubbling to the surface. We first meet Darby in 2012 as an NYU grad living with three roommates: impulsive best friend Sara (Zoë Chao), Sara’s easy-going boyfriend Jim (Peter Vack), and brutally-honest friend Mallory (Sasha Compère). Following Darby over the next several years, Love Life shows how each of Darby’s encounters brings her closer to finding her “person” – even if she doesn’t know it yet.
Drama, Romance
  • Producer

    • Denise Pinckley
  • Cast

    • Anna Kendrick
    • Zoë Chao
    • Peter Vack
    • Sasha Compère
    • Scoot McNairy
    • Maureen Sebastian
    • Kingsley Ben-Adir
    • Zoe Bullock
    • Steven Castillo
    • Leah Dowdy
    • Rachel B. Joyce
  • Executive Producers

    • Anna Kendrick
    • Bridget Bedard
    • Sam Boyd
    • Paul Feig
    • Jessie Henderson
    • Dan Magnante
  • Creator

    • Sam Boyd
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