Just Shoot Me!
Just Shoot Me!

Just Shoot Me!

7 Seasons
This ensemble comedy is about the inner workings of a high-style magazine owned by Jack Gallo, who has hired his quick-tempered but talented daughter, Maya, to write for the publication. Challenging her at every turn is Nina, a vain and superficial former model. Then there's photographer Elliot, a man who is very popular with his portrait subjects as well as other women. completing the core staff is her father's assistant, Dennis, a glorified secretary who is generally disrespectful to one and all.
  • Cast

    • Laura San Giacomo
    • George Segal
    • David Spade
    • Wendie Malick
    • Enrico Colantoni
  • Executive Producers

    • Bernie Brillstein
    • Brad Grey
    • Marsh McCall
    • Don Woodard
    • Tom Maxwell
  • Creator

    • Steven Levitan