Floribama Shore
Floribama Shore

Floribama Shore

4 Seasons
14+, L, M
Available with:  MTV
Different shore, same shenanigans. Get ready for all the drama, mayhem, and hookups, brought to you from the party capital that is Panama City Beach.
  • Cast

    • Jeremiah Buoni
    • Codi Butts
    • Kortni Gilson
    • Aimee Hall
    • Kirk Medas
    • Nilsa Prowant
    • Candace Rice
    • Gus Smyrnios
  • Executive Producers

    • Charlie Newton
    • Nina L. Diaz
    • Drew Tappon
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Clips & Extras
after shore: that time kirk apologized for being dirk
Kirk apologizes for insulting Aimee’s appearance
Take the plunge!
after shore: that time they met kortni's mom
Codi, Candace, and Gus discuss what they thought Kortni's mom would be like before they met her, and talk about how it must have been to...
after shore: that time they all got hangry
Aimee and Kirk revisit Chicken Gate, and while Kirk blames it on the goose, Aimee thinks the real reason everyone fought was related to sex.
after shore: that time codi was a dick
Codi apologizes to Nilsa for making comments about her relationship with her ex-husband.
after shore: that time kortni peed the bed
Kortni reacts to seeing footage of her peeing her roommates bed for the first time.