Family Law
Family Law

Family Law

3 Seasons
First divorce lawyer Lynn Holt finds out her husband doesn't love her anymore. Then she discovers he's cleaned out their office and taken all their clients with him. So she throws a chair against the wall, stomping around in uncomfortable lingerie and rails against the stupidity of it all. Venting done, the lady lawyer woos new clients, takes on cases involving crackhead moms and cremated dogs, and plots revenge on her ex-partner.
  • Cast

    • Kathleen Quinlan
    • Julie Warner
    • Dixie Carter
    • Christopher McDonald
    • Cristian de la Fuente
    • Merrilee McCommas
    • Tony Danza
    • Salli Richardson
    • Orla Brady
    • Meredith Eaton
  • Executive Producers

    • Stephen Nathan
    • David Shore
    • Fred Gerber