Drop Dead Diva
Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva

6 Seasons
When beautiful but shallow model-wannabe Deb dies in a car accident, her soul resurfaces in the person of Jane, a queen-size attorney who is brilliant and well-liked ... or the exact opposite of Deb. Now, by a twist of fate, Deb must come to terms with inhabiting Jane's curvier frame in an ultimate showdown between brains and beauty.
  • Cast

    • Brooke Elliott
    • Margaret Cho
    • Kate Levering
    • April Bowlby
    • Jackson Hurst
    • Lex Medlin
    • Justin Deeley
    • Josh Stamberg
    • Carter MacIntyre
    • Ben Feldman
    • Brooke D'Orsay
  • Executive Producers

    • Josh Berman
    • Craig Zadan
    • Neil Meron
    • Robert J. Wilson