Dr. Ken
Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken

2 Seasons
Doctor-turned-comedic actor Ken Jeong plays the titular character in this sitcom about a brilliant physician with a questionable bedside manner. Always trying his hardest to be a good doctor (despite being a little too honest) and the best husband and father he can be, Ken's real skill seems to lie in driving his family and co-workers crazy with his well-intentioned efforts. Luckily for everyone, when it comes to keeping everything sane, Ken's psychotherapist wife Allison is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Cast

    • Ken Jeong
    • Suzy Nakamura
    • Tisha Campbell-Martin
    • Jonathan Slavin
    • Albert Tsai
    • Krista Marie Yu
    • Dana Lee
    • Dave Foley
    • Kate Simses
  • Executive Producers

    • Mike Sikowitz
    • John Fox
    • Ken Jeong
    • Mike O'Connell