8 Seasons
Samantha falls in love with New York ad exec Darrin Stephens and marries him in the first episode of the sitcom. Then Darrin finds out that his new bride is one of a secret society of powerful witches and warlocks and that a twitch of her nose brings magic results. Thoroughly befuddled, Darrin makes her promise never to use her powers. She agrees and tries to settle into being the perfect suburban housewife. Her mother, Endora, however, has a different agenda. She hates that Samantha has married a mortal and continually tries to break them up. Sam's other spellbinding friends and family pop in and out of the Stephens household as Sam tries (and most of the time fails) to live without magic.
  • Producer

    • William Asher
  • Cast

    • Elizabeth Montgomery
    • Dick York
    • Dick Sargent
    • Agnes Moorehead
    • Maurice Evans
    • David White
    • Irene Vernon
    • Kasey Rogers
    • George Tobias
    • Alice Pearce
    • Sandra Gould
    • Marion Lorne
    • Paul Lynde
    • Alice Ghostley
    • Bernard Fox
    • David Lawrence
    • Greg Lawrence
    • Erin Murphy
    • Diane Murphy
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