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Kelsey McEwen, meteorologist


Hometown: Calgary 

Where you've seen her: Likely close to any extreme weather event, most recently as the weather anchor for the CTV Morning Live and CTV News at Noon in Calgary.

What she'll bring to your morning: A friendly face. “I just want to spend the morning with [Canadians],” she said. “The best mornings are the ones you spend with friends and family.”  

How she takes her coffee: Black. “Sometimes with cream if I’m feeling really indulgent.”

Early-morning wakeup tip: “You just have to fight through [the morning],” Kelsey said, emphasizing the importance of “quiet time.”

Breakfast of choice: Smoothies, especially ones with peanut butter and banana.  

The one story she'll never forget: The 2013 floods in Alberta. Kelsey's friends and family were evacuated from High River, Alta., one of the hardest hit areas of the disaster. While reporting on the crisis, she and her cameraman also had to flee rising waters. But it wasn’t the devastation that stands out to her. “Seeing how the community came together, that was phenomenal,” she said.

Proudest moment: “When I became a mom.” 

Tweet, like, pin or gram:Twitter has an honesty that is sometimes brutal. But it’s real, it’s raw.”

Favourite person to follow: “Any of the astronauts who go up [into space],” she said. “You realize, instantly, that we are miniscule in the universe. “

Worst thing she's missed by sleeping in: “I can’t even remember the last time I slept in!”