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Meet the woman who is working to improve healthcare for Indigenous communities

Dr. Nadine Caron is Canada’s first female First Nations general surgeon. On a daily basis she comes face-to-face with heartbreaking stories of racism across Canada’s healthcare system. Her patients are directly affected and she’s also experienced that racism firsthand.

A 2015 report determined access to health services for remote First Nations communities remains an underdeveloped area. Dr. Caron is now focusing more on how to help bring better care and
inclusion in medicine to patients in the North. Her research and advocacy work has earned her a reputation as a mentor, teacher and role model whose work attempts to improve access to health care for remote Indigenous and rural communities.

Dr. Caron is one of the speakers at this year’s 6 Degrees Citizen Space; a three-day event that brings thinkers and doers together to drive the conversation on citizenship and inclusion. Be sure to watch the video clip above for our conversation with Dr. Caron.