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Delish dishes in 140 characters or less

What if we told you that a good meal is only a tweet away?

That’s exactly what Chef Andrea Stewart is counting on with her innovative book, Recipe Shorts: Dishes in 140 Characters.

Yeah, you read that right. A cookbook full of recipes that are the length of a tweet.

Andrea recently dropped by the Your Morning kitchen to show us cooking doesn’t need to be complicated. Check out four of her recipes below.


Shrimp Guac
Mash 2 avo,1/4t garlic,chille flakes,salt+2T ea lime juice,cilantro. Mix in 1/4lb chop'd cookd shrimp. Srv w/tortilla chips


Mix 1lb ea ground prk&beef w/2T fajita seasoning. Shape 6 patties, grill. Toast buns, top w/salsa, avo, soured cream & jalapenos


Fish Stick Tacos
Place 1 cookd fish stick in soft taco, garnish w/avo slices, ¼’d cherry toms, top w/plain yogurt & cilantro


Cheesecake Tart
Whisk 8oz cream cheese,1/4C sugar,1t lemjuice,1egg. Fill 9in pie shell, bake 325F~30min 2 set,cool. Spread jam ovr top 2 svr