This woman will plan your dates for you

If you find it challenging to come up with new and exciting date ideas, you might be in luck. There's a new service in town that aims to do all the work for you.

Kate McNamara started her services by gifting dates to friends and family who had recently gotten married. The concept has now developed into a business called A Date by Kate.

The concept is simple: Kate chooses activities and restaurants based on the couple's budget and lifestyle and surprises them with a secret agenda just before their big night out. The dates are tailored to the couple's personalities and the goal is to encourage them to try new things. Her clients don't know anything about the date until they receive her instructions.

We know what you're thinking: is there actually a demand for this?

You bet!

The argument is that people are busy and don't have time to plan extravagant nights out on the town. That's where Kate steps in. She literally does everything from coordinating restaurant reservations, day-of setup (for activities like picnics in the park) and booking overnight accommodations. The couple just needs to show up.

Kate's fees range from $39 to $249, plus the cost of the actual date.

For more info on A Date by Kate, click here.