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A holiday gift guide for the tech lovers in your life

Christmas is just under a month away—have you started your gift shopping yet? If not, we're here to help you cross some gifts off your list! Tech expert Avery Swartz highlights a few great gift ideas for the tech lovers in your life.

GIFT: Xbox One S
PRICE: Starting at $399
WHY IT'S GREAT:  The latest Xbox console comes with richer colours and details. It was redesigned with “comfort grip” controllers and streams 4k video from Netflix or watch Ultra HD Blu-ray movies.

GIFT: PlayStation VR
PRICE: PlayStation console from $499, Playstation VR from $549
WHY IT'S GREAT: Virtual reality has been on the cusp of mainstream adoption for a while, and now it's finally here. The comfortable headset helps you become fully immersed in the experience.

GIFT: iPhone 7 plus
PRICE: Starting from $1049
WHY IT'S GREAT: It is the only iPhone to have two rear cameras (one wide angle, one telephoto) which give you a lot of options for zooming and for creating a depth-of-field effect in your photo. The camera works great in low-light. Bonus: it's splash and water resistant!

GIFT: Olloclip
PRICE: $133 (for the iPhone 7 version; other versions available for other iPhones for less)
WHY IT'S GREAT: It is easy to pop into your pocket or bag, then clip on your phone when you want it. The lenses include a fish-eye, wide angle and 15x macro. It works on both front and rear facing cameras.

GIFT: Mophie Powerstation XL
PRICE: $69.95
WHY IT'S GREAT: Backup chargers are a must for shooting a lot of photos or video on your phone, or for long days. This can charge your phone eight times faster before it needs to be charged itself, and it can charge any portable device!

GIFT: Apple Watch S2
PRICE: $489
WHY IT'S GREAT: The new Apple Watch is waterproof and is ideal for runners (there's a built-in GPS to track your pace, distance and route so  you don't have to bring your phone along). There are integrated health apps, such a heart race sensor, fitness coach, and activity tracker.

GIFT: Tile
PRICE: $36-$39 for one; multipacks available
WHY IT'S GREAT: Constantly losing your keys or your wallet? Attach the Tile on an item that is frequently lost and install an easy-to-use app on your phone. The app will make the Tile ring to help you find it.

GIFT: View-Master Virtual Reality
PRICE: $39
WHY IT'S GREAT: This is just like the Viewmaster toy we remember as kids. Users will experience virtual reality by looking around and “clicking” on things by pulling the trigger on the Viewmaster.

GIFT: 3Doodler Create
PRICE: $130
WHY IT'S GREAT: This pen allows you to create 3D doodles. It's a great gift for creative personalities!