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The best medical apps to help manage your health

Phones have transformed the way we manage our social life, money and home—and now they’re changing the way we manage our health.

Last year, 30 per cent of Canadians had at least one medical app on their phone and that number is only expected to grow. Here are some of the top medical apps on the market. (Bonus: They’re all free!)


Seamless MD

  • FOR: Education and monitoring patients
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: This is a cloud-based platform for hospitals to educate, engage and monitor patients through surgery. It monitors patients along their journey from pre to post-operative care management, and it allows physicians to “flag” patients at-risk to prevent ER visits, cancellations and readmission.


Blood Pressure (My Heart)

  • FOR: High blood pressure
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: High blood pressure is the leading cause of death and disability in the world. This app records and analyzes your blood pressure. It’s highly customizable and has preset thresholds in keeping with the Canadian Hypertension Education Program. Data is stored and can be shared with your physician who can better guide prevention and treatment protocols.



  • FOR: Diabetes
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: This app was developed by diabetes experts from the University Health Network and is partnered with SickKids and eHealth. It helps patients, usually adolescents and young adults with Type 1 Diabetes, to capture, analyze and share diabetes activities (including blood glucose data) and receive personalized feedback from a healthcare provider.


Carrot Rewards

  • FOR: Collecting reward points
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: This app provides Canadian users to collect reward points for completing educational quizzes, improving physical activity levels and encouraging healthy behaviours. Users earn real points from several popular  reward programs that can be redeemed for things like gas, movies and flights.



  • FOR: Immunization records
  • WHY IT’S GREAT: This is a digital alternative to traditional paper immunization records. It allows users to track vaccines that have previously been administered or are due according to their vaccination schedule. It also provides educational content to users to learn about the vaccination and vaccine safety.