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Meet the four guys travelling the Trans-Canada in search of the country’s best fries

Four Canadian dudes are on a special mission: To find the best fries along the Trans-Canada Highway.

It's a strange – and delicious – idea, but the trip is about more than just eating.

The gang came up with excursion to celebrate the unique Canadian experience of driving along the Trans-Canada, and to highlight all the countless independent chip stands, trucks and wagons imaginable that you can find on the way.

According to the guys, there are five key ‘ingredients’ that make for a perfect rating: Great fries, great gravy, ambiance, service and value.

Seems simple enough, right? Well, last year, the team packed up their retro camper van and drove from the Quebec border near Ottawa all the way to Kenora, Ontario, and visited 54 chips stands in three weeks. Out of all those stands, only TWO got a perfect score, 5/5. (Hint: One is in Arnprior, Ontario, and the other is just outside of Sudbury. Go find them!)

They’ve even documented their entire journey in their Trans-Canada Fryway YouTube series. (Seriously, is that not the best play on words, or what?)

This summer, they’re hoping to take their mission that much further. They'll be travelling coast-to-coast, in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, to find the best fries.