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5 useful gadgets you didn't know you needed until now

It's no secret that trying to navigate through the world of technology is not always easy, and when it comes to older generations, it can be even harder.

Tech expert Avery Swartz shares five practical user-friendly gadgets fit for parents and grandparents. 

1. Roku Streaming Media Players

These are easy to set up and can be plugged into any TV to make it 'smart' so you can stream online content like music, movies and television shows.

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2. Smart Light Switches and Plugs

Another step towards smart home automation are these smart light switches and plugs.

The devices are super simple to use since they are easy to configure and can be controlled right from your smart phone. (Think of a modern digital version of  'The Clapper')

Get the mini-plug here.

Get the light switch here.

3. Apple Watch 

Did you know that this gadget has a SOS feature? Well, it does.

If you're in a situation where you can’t reach for your phone (if you've fallen) you can still seek help by making an emergency call right from the Apple Watch.

It also allows you to set your phone to automatically send a text to your 'SOS contacts' through your watch, letting them know you current location.

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4. Nuheara IQbuds

These next-generation wireless earbuds have some unique features like "Super Intelligent Noise Cancellation” technology and the "Blended Hearing.”

You can use these ear buds to tune into conversations (by amplifying the sound) if you’re in a noisy environment, while tuning out the noise around you. 

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5. Nixplay WiFi Digital Photo Frame

Welcome to 2017! This is basically a modern version of the digital photo frames that were popular about a decade ago except this one doesn't require loading photos with a memory stick since it's a wifi connected frame.

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