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Five must-have gadgets for getting the best sleep ever

We’ve all been told the key to getting a good night’s sleep is putting those phones down and to stop looking at screens before bed.

Instead of telling you to ditch the tech, Avery Swartz has a few sleep-friendly suggestions.


Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System

  • WHY IT’S GREAT: You’ll fall asleep faster and sleep better with these smart white noise machines. They plug into any outlet, so they’re super portable, and you use the accompanying app to pick the right settings for the room you’re in. Nightingale then creates a “custom sound blanket” to mask noises. You can set the sound to automatically turn on or off at certain times.



Smart Nora Snoring Solution

  • WHY IT’S GREAT: Finally, a snoring solution that doesn’t involve mouth guards or nose strips. Smart Nora is a contact-less snoring solution that works with your pillow. Once the insert is put inside your pillowcase, a sensor listens for sound (i.e. snoring) and then uses Bluetooth technology to tell the pillow insert to silently inflate, gently moving your head and stopping the snoring. Fun fact: Smart Nora was named one of Oprah’s favourite things in 2017 and if it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for us!



Somneo Sleep and Wake Up Light

  • WHY IT’S GREAT: This light simulates a sunrise, gradually getting brighter for 30 minutes before your desired wake up time, so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. You can add nature sounds, radio or your favourite song into the mix and wake up pleasantly instead of being jolted awake. Before bed, the Somneo can simulate a sunset and guide you through a breathing exercise to fall asleep gently.



Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

  • WHY IT’S GREAT: We’ve all heard that meditation can help calm and relax the mind but for many, meditation is difficult. This headband gently guides your meditation by sending your brain waves in real-time and changing sounds accordingly. If your mind starts to wander, Muse will help you focus by changing the weather sound (rain and storms when you’re not focused, calm breeze and bird sounds when you’re focused).



Fitbit Sleep Trackers

  • WHY IT’S GREAT: For greater insight into how you slept, wear a Fitbit device with sleep tracking to bed. It will automatically track your sleep patterns and you can review your sleep stages on the Fitbit app. Research shows that maintaining a consistent bedtime and wake time can lead to better sleep, and you can use the Fitbit app to create a recommended sleep schedule to develop a better routine—it will even send you notifications when it’s getting close to bedtime.