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This mom lost her child due to a prescription error

Last year, Melissa Sheldrick lost her 8-year-old son Andrew due to a prescription error. 

Andrew was on daily medication for a sleep disorder that required a tryptophan prescription. Since he was young it was hard for him to swallow pills, so the family opted for the liquid form of the drug instead. 

However, in March of 2016, everything changed for the family. Like usual, the family picked up Andrew's prescription, and he took a dose before bed.

Andrew never woke up. 

Four months later, the family finally got answers. Test results revealed that tryptophan wasn't in the prescription, it was baclofen, and Andrew had three times the lethal dose for adults in his system. 

Now, Melissa Sheldrick is advocating for change, hoping to push forward legislation in Ontario that will mandate pharmacies to report all errors and near misses when it comes to prescriptions. 

To learn more about this story, watch the video above.