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This art gallery owner used to be Banksy's agent

Street art, graffiti, vandalism. No matter what you call it, artists from around the world do it to express themselves and in the last decade, it’s become a more popular and accepted form of art. This is largely thanks to a guy called Banksy, the anonymous street artist from the U.K. who has been making headlines for years with his political messages.

Those messages and artwork are now on display in a new exhibit in Toronto. The showcase exhibits 80 pieces of original work created by the famous graffiti artist.

Steven Lazarides  is the art gallery owner—and former agent to Banksy—who is bringing The Artwork of Banksy to Canadian audiences. Lazarides has been referred to as “the man behind Banksy”, but before he began working with the anonymous street artist, he began his career as a photographer. After coming across Banksy’s work and working with him for many years, Lazarides became a gallerist and began to sell Banksy’s work.

Ben recently sat down with Banksy’s former agent to chat about how he got involved with the graffiti artist in the first place, what their relationship is like now, and what artwork is featured in the exhibit. You can watch their conversation in the video clip above.

You can find more info and get tickets on the Banksy Exhibit website.