The latest and greatest tech to help you in the kitchen

Technology has always been an integral part of our kitchens but now, apart from making lives easier, tech is getting smarter too. 

Tech expert Avery Swartz breaks down the latest round of gadgets that will make life in the kitchen a breeze. (Seriously! They will teach you to cook, save time, and manage your schedule.)


Weber iGrill

It's a meat thermometer for your BBQ that sends continuous updates about temperature, doneness and timing to your smartphone via Bluetooth.


Google Home

The voice assistant / smart speaker that you talk to is super handy in the kitchen, because it's hands free. You can ask things like, "Hey Google, how many mL are in a cup?" "Hey Google, give me a step-by-step recipe for banana bread" or "Hey Google, set a timer for 30 minutes". You can even set your playlist, schedule reminders. It comes in different sizes. 


Dyson Air Purifying Fan

This is more than an efficient filter. Dyson’s smart air-purifying fan senses and removes pollutants and cooking smells. Removes allergens, eliminates odors and is easy to clean. Also comes with a remote control. 


Ember coffee mug

What all Your Morning team members need—a temperature regulating smart mug! Use the app to choose the optimal temperature for what you're drinking (coffee, tea) and never have your coffee go cold again. 


Samsung "Family Hub" smart fridge

This fridge is amazing. It has a big 21.5” touch screen on the front for multimedia - family calendars, photos, video - and also has cameras inside so you can remotely "peek inside" your fridge to see what you're running low on, and decide to go to the grocery store or whatever, sets expiration notifications, suggests recipes. The Morning Brief displays useful daily information on the fridge’s screen, such as news, weather, personal schedule and traffic.