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How this B.C. middle school teacher became a celebrity sneaker designer

Middle school teacher Zac Vine has designing shoes down to a science.

The Victoria, B.C. native is one of the top shoes designers in Canada, and he’s designed custom kicks for the likes of Drake and The Weeknd.

So, how did a guy with a degree in education and physics go viral for his custom designs? The self-taught designer says he was first inspired by his students.  

“I was working with some inner city youth and they kept on getting in a lot of trouble for their sneakers,” he told us in a recent interview.

Many of Vine’s students began fighting over classmates scuffing or stepping on their shoes, so Vines took matters into his own hands and began to fix their sneakers. A self-proclaimed doodler, Vine began putting his ideas on shoes.

Through the power of Instagram, Vine’s design’s caught the eye of MLB Pitcher Aroldis, which jumpstarted Vine’s career. Shortly after, Nike took notice and asked if he’d start working some of their sponsored athletes. It’s been five years since Vine began Zeevy Customs and since then has collaborated with A-List celebrities and athletes. His personalized creations are a labour of love and often take him 20 to 40 hours to complete one pair of sneakers. The custom shoes come with an A-List price tag, as they cost as they cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the design.

To learn more about Vine’s incredible work, check out the video clip above.