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An Ontario student is creating a course for what you didn’t learn in school

Is learning about the parts of a cell more important than learning how to manage your finances? Markville student, Austin Chan, doesn’t think so and he’s exploring why high schools don’t teach students how to prepare for the real world. In fact, he created a course about it.

“What You Didn’t Learn in School” (WYDLIS) focuses on personal financing, balancing work and life, networking and job interviews.  Chan came up with the idea after he discovered gaps in his education. He was able to solidify the list of subjects covered in his course by polling other students and the skills they believed weren’t being incorporated into their education.

Chan, along with six other classmates, came up with this idea for the Make Your Pitch competition, which showcases young entrepreneurs. As the winner of the competition, Chan is able to start up his venture.

The course format will consist of a combination of short videos created by experts in their respective fields and quizzes which will summarize the courses content. The total cost for each student enrolled in the course will be $97 and Chan hopes to have it up and running in August of this year.

Learn more about the course in the video clip above, and by visiting this website