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Liked ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’? You’ll love ‘An Ocean of Minutes’

Time travel, a pandemic, and Elvis Presley's yearbook. These are three things you'd never expect to be on a list together, and yet, they are, thanks to a brand new novel. 

An Ocean of Minutes is plunging readers into a wild ride through time, in order to hopefully save a life. 

When Frank catches a deadly virus in 1981, his girlfriend Polly will do whatever it takes to save him. She agrees to a radical plan. Time travel is a real thing in An Ocean of Minutes, and if Polly signs up for a one-way trip into the future to work as a bonded labourer, the company will pay for the life-saving treatment Frank needs. Polly agrees and promises to meet Frank again in 12 years, but when she is re-routed an extra five years into the future, Frank is nowhere to be found. Alone in a changed—and divided—America, with no status and money, Polly must find her way in a terrifying new world to find Frank.

In the video clip above, author Thea Lim sits down with Ben to share more details about the book and explain why this is so much more than a time-travelling story.