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These are the biggest wedding cake trends for 2017

A wedding cake is the one dessert a couple is guaranteed to remember for the rest of their lives, but with so many options available (and Pinterest boards for inspiration), how is it possible to decide on their dream cake?

Jean Blacklock, founder of Prairie Girl Bakery, dropped by our kitchen with some of the trendiest cakes for the upcoming wedding season and explained why they're so popular.

Ombre, marble and pastel cakes
These cakes use specific icing techniques to achieve the desired look. Many couples like the idea of customizing their cake to make it completely unique, which is entirely possible with these icing techniques—the couple simply chooses which colours they want.

Vegan and gluten-free cakes
The best part about vegan and gluten-free cakes? Most couples probably won't even be able to tell the difference between the vegan/gluten-free and regular options.

Rustic cakes
Many bakers are holding back frosting from wedding cakes for an exposed look that is popular with couples looking for a traditional wedding cake alternative.

Different flavoured tiers
Good news for couples who love different cake flavours—you don't need to settle on just one! So if the groom loves carrot cake but the bride prefers red velvet, get one of each on different tiers.

Buttercream cakes
This is a great (and delicious) alternative for couples who don't like the taste of fondant.