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The benefits of a rowing exercise

Indoor rowing is one of the most efficient fitness trends out there and Indo-ROW and pilates trainer, Marlene Kadin, dropped by to show us why.

Indo-ROW was founded in Los Angeles by World Champion Ironman competition Josh Crosby, and premier fitness trainer, Jay Blahnik. The water rowing machine mimics the dynamic resistance of a boat gliding across water and, just like rowing on water, resistance increases with speed and intensity.

Rowing is low-impact with maximum results. It's great for switching up your cardio if you're getting bored of the treadmill or the bike. Rowing is also a total body workout—it engages nine of the major muscle groups! Plus it's easy to learn and is a great team workout.

Watch the video clip above as Kadin demos how to row, plus she explains the benefits of adding pilates to your routine.