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The best apps for kids with learning challenges

While teachers work hard to meet the needs of their students, children with learning challenges can sometimes fall through the cracks. Now new technology can help provide extra support with innovative apps.

Education strategist Dwayne Matthews breaks down five of the best apps below.


This app is great for helping kids with dysgraphia, a specific learning disability in writing. Kids with dysgraphia may have difficulty writing legibly and at age-appropriate speed and struggle to put their thoughts down on paper. Modmath lines up the information into grids like grid paper and allows kids to get their ideas down. It also writes and solves equations with a piece of virtual graph paper, greatly improving speed and legibility.


Voice Dream Reader
Kids that have difficulty reading or those who are visually impaired will benefit from this app. It will turn text to voice. The app lets you highlight text and it will read that back to you.  


Dexteria Dots
Dexteria Dots helps kids learn math concepts by separating and combining different dots that have different values. This really helps with foundational number sense and relationships.


Leo's Pad
This app helps preschool and younger grade school kids with listening comprehension, creativity and social skills. Each chapter tells a story that includes interactive games, puzzles and songs. Parents can also track their child's progress.


Dyslexia Quest
The Dyslexia Quest screening tool is part of a suite of apps and provides a report of learning abilities associated with dyslexia. Administered in as little as 20 minutes, its game-based format motivates students to perform at their best, without even realizing they’re being assessed. Once assessed, the app developer has a series of apps that are related to the assessment. The app creator was diagnosed with Dyslexia as a child and his mother created a series of strategies that he used. He has taken some of those strategies and digitized them.