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Start your weekend off right with these sweet and savoury brunch ideas

Nothing says 'it's the weekend" like brunch, but making your own requires just the right touch. Chef Clodagh McKenna dropped by the Your Morning kitchen to help us put our best brunch forward with three sweet and savoury recipes.


Chorizo, Feta and Rosemary Baked Eggs
Serves 2

  • 250ml / 1 cup tomato passata or tinned crushed tomatoes
  • 1 tsp dried chili flakes
  • 2 cloves of garlic, crushed
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary, finely chopped
  • 4 organic eggs
  • 75g chorizo / 1Ž2 cup fresh spicy chorizo
  • 80g / 1Ž2 cup of feta cheese
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 slices of toasted sourdough bread, (sliced in strips) to serve


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C / 360F / Gas 4.
  2. In a small bowl mix together the chili, crushed garlic, fresh rosemary and tomato passata. Season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Pour half of the mixture into the dishes, and crack 2 eggs on top in each dish. Then pour the remaining tomato mix on top. Divide the chopped chorizo between the two dishes.
  3. Pop into the pre-heated oven for 8-10 minutes.
  4. Remove from the oven and sprinkle the feta cheese over the baked eggs and serve with the strips of toasted sourdough toast.



Chocolate Cardamon and Orange Pancakes
Makes enough for 4 people (giving 2 pancakes per person)

For the Orange Pancake Batter

  • 4 oz plain flour, sifted
  • 2 oz superfine sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup milk
  • zest and juice of 1 orange
  • 1 oz butter, melted

For the Chocolate Cardamon and Orange Sauce

  • 6oz of dark chocolate broken into pieces
  • 10 cardamon pods, crushed and seeds taken out (you use the seeds)
  • 1Ž4 cup cream
  • zest and juice of one orange


  1. Firstly make the pancake batter by sifting the flour into a large bowl, then stir in the sugar and mix well. Make a well in the center of the flour.
  2. In a separate bowl whisk together the milk, egg, juice and zest of one orange.
  3. Pour the milk mixture into the center of the well of the flour and whisk together until it forms a batter. Lastly stir in HALF of the melted butter (the other half you will use for greasing your frying pan). Leave the batter in a fridge for an hour before you use.
  4. While the batter is in the fridge you can make the Chocolate Cardamon and Orange Sauce place all the ingredients into saucepan over a gentle heat and stir until the chocolate has melted and the sauce is warm – stir well to make sure that all the ingredients have melted into the chocolate. Set aside.
  5. Once your batter has been resting for 1 hour, take it out of the fridge and give it a good whisk. Get your frying pan (non-stick preferably!) nice and hot, grease with the remaining melted butter – add just enough to glaze the pan (swirl the pan as you do to get an even spread).
  6. Pour enough batter to cover the pan and swirl around to make sure you get an even spread, allow to cook for 1-2 minutes . Then Flip over the pancake with a spatula and cook for about another minute on the other side. Then place on a warm plate, cover with tin foil and put in a low heated oven. Continue again until you have enough made.
  7. Re-heat the chocolate sauce over a low heat, if it has gone thick then whisk in a tablespoon or 2 of water.
  8. Roll up 2 pancakes on each plate and pour the Chocolate, Cardamon and Orange Sauce over the pancakes and finish with a zest of orange.

Blood Orange Mimosa
The flavour of blood oranges in place of regular oranges in this mimosa is really something special, and the colour is so inviting. A great pick-me-up to combat the January blues.

  • 18 fl oz squeezed blood orange juice
  • 1 bottle of chilled dry prosecco
  • red blood orange segments, to garnish (optional)


  1. Fill eight champagne flutes one-third full with blood orange juice and top up with prosecco
  2. Garnish with a segment of blood orange, if desired