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Intermittent fasting is having a moment

Intermittent fasting is having a moment right now, but do you know what it is or how it works?

Registered dietitian Nishta Saxena tells us everything we need to know to below, and busts some common myths in the video clip above.


What is it?
Intermittent fasting is a way to time what you eat in either a 24-hour period or a weekly period to have periods of normal and then lower (or low) calorie intake.

It’s nothing new; the “trend” has actually been around since ancient times and many religions and spiritualties often used it in association with holy periods or periods of prayer. Even earlier than that, it follows the somewhat prehistoric way we used to find food: feast when there was an animal hunted or plants gathered, and then a famine to migrate towards the next food-rich season.


The different ways to fast

  • Alternate-Day Fasting: Complete abstention from food every other day
  • Alternate-Day Energy Restriction: Every other day, calories are severely restricted (usually to about 25% of normal)
  • 5/2 Diet (Whole Day Fasting): Different forms, can involve 2 days of complete fasting a week, or two days of energy restriction (E.G. weekends vs. weekdays)
  • Time Restricted Feeding: Meals are restricted to a small window each day (e.g.- 16/8 method or Lean Gains, where you fast for 16 hours but can eat 2+ meals in the other 8)
  • The Warrior Diet: Fast during the day (can eat small amounts of fruit or vegetables), eat a huge meal at night!