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5 gadgets that will make your home the smartest on the block

From a device that can control almost every gadget in your home to another that makes the house smell better, there's no shortage of smart home products on the market right now.

To help make navigating these products a little easier, tech expert Avery Swartz takes us through some of her favourites.


Ring Video Doorbell
Gone are the days when you had to open your front door to see who¹s there. This device, which is controlled through an app on your smartphone, allows you to answer the door from anywhere—you don't even have to be at home. The app allows you to see, hear and talk to visitors, and you can set up "alert zones", which will notify you if someone is approaching (or close to) your front door.


Amazon Echo
This smart speaker features Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant. You can give her commands (i.e. "add milk to my shopping list" and "turn off the lights") and ask her questions.


Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control and Hub
Dreaming of the day when you need only one remote to control all of the devices in your home? Your dreams are about to come true. That¹s right: one remote, all devices. This hub can be also be controlled by Alexa, so you can have a really great home integration. Feel like watching a movie? Just tell Alexa "it's movie time", and your smart home will adjust (i.e. television will turn on, lights will dim, etc.).


Moodo Smart Home Scent Diffusing Device
Whether it's garlic, a dirty gym bag or a messy pet (or kid), there can be a lot of funky smells in the home. Luckily, there's a gadget for that. This diffusing device keeps things smelling fresh with four different
scent pods. You can even customize the intensity of your scents with the Moodo app or Alexa and you can set timers for different scents throughout the day.


Bell Whole Home WiFi
All of these devices will work better if you have a strong internet connection. We all have that one corner in our home where the connection could be a little stronger, and this will fix that problem. This $5-per-month set comes with four small hexagonal pods that plug into the wall, which connect with each other and the modem. Say goodbye to "dead zones", because this system provides a more reliable and comprehensive connection across the home.