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The do's and don'ts of applying makeup in your 50s

How do you master the art of aging gracefully? It's a tough question for many women, particularly when the focus seems to be on anti-aging cream and wrinkle-reducing serums.

Deborah Williams, makeup artist and author of The Grace Factor: How to Look and Feel Your Best in the New Midlife, believes that by concentrating and making up the areas you love about yourself will diminish the things you don't like. Here are some of her makeup tips for women over 50.

Know your colouring
Figure out whether you have a cool or warm (or a combination of both) undertone. Once you know your colouring, everything falls into place. You can get a colour analysis done by a professional makeup artist.

Wear foundation
As we get older, our skin becomes finer so little imperfections show through. Many women shy away from foundation because it feels too heavy on their face, but with so many formulas out there today (i.e. cream, powder, liquid), every woman should be able to find one they like that feels and looks good on their skin.

Use a neutral eyeshadow
Applying a dark contour in the crease of your eyelid can make the area look heavy, which we want to avoid as we get older. As we age, our skin loses elasticity – especially around the eyes – and dark colours will make the eye look heavier.

Try to focus on three areas you love
Many women just cover the bags under their eyes with concealer and call it a day, but Williams says we shouldn’t just concentrate on one area. She uses a bait and switch method; it’s not about the areas we don’t like (i.e. the bags under our eyes) but the areas we want to emphasize. If you have beautiful eyes, cheeks and lips, focus on those areas.

Avoid using mascara on your lower lashes
Many women who apply mascara to their lower lashes will find that it smudges and creates discolouration. Also, for women with longer eyelashes, the mascara could create a shadow under their eye—an area many women don’t want to draw attention to.

Don't be scared of lip liner
As we age, our lips get finer and the lip line doesn’t show as much. If you want to even out your lips, use lip liner!