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B.C.’s heavy rescue operators return for a new season of ‘Highway Thru Hell’

While we’re in the last few weeks of summer, the last thing Canadians want to think about is winter and the wicked weather that comes with it. The thought of it may already have some drivers white knuckling their steering wheels, but at least one person is ready for the snow and slippery roads.

Jamie Davis is the owner and operator of a heavy rescue company in British Columbia, but you can catch him in action on Discovery’s Highway Thru Hell series. The show chronicles stories of wrecks, survivals and recoveries, and the upcoming sixth season sees the most intense weather challenges ever filmed on the Coquihalla Highway.

Davis and Highway Thru Hell’s executive producer, Mark Miller, recently stopped by our studio to tell us a little more about the series. You can watch their interview in the above video clip.

Highway Thru Hell returns September 5, 2017 on Discovery.