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You'll never believe how the Caesar got its name

Surprisingly, Canada's most beloved cocktail doesn't involve any maple syrup. Instead, it's a combination of clam juice, tomato juice, and a whole bunch of other mighty fine ingredients.

Here are seven things you may not now about the drink: 

1. The classic drink has Western Canadian roots. It was first mixed at the Calgary Inn.

2. The year was 1969: A magical time when Walter Chell created the beloved Bloody Caesar

3. Chell was a bar manager for the Italian restaurant at the inn. He was tasked with creating a drink that would pair well the with Italian food they served

4. At the time, clam juice wasn't as easily accessible at it is today so it had to be made in the kitchen from scratch

5. Legend has it, its name came from a customer at the Calgary Inn. The guest tried the cocktail and said, "Hail Cesar! That's a great drink!" (Or something like that.)

6. In 2009, Parliament made the drink Canada's official cocktail

7. 360 million Caesars are made each year. (Wow!)