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This doctor travelled the globe in search of the world’s kindest people

If you were wondering whether or not you’re a kind, empathic person, perhaps you’d ask close friends or family, or check in with members of your inner circle. Or you might set off on a two-year search around the world, interviewing top neuroscientists, getting an MRI of your brain, and interviewing people known for their empathy.

That’s what Dr. Brian Goldman did. After more than three decades as an emergency room doctor, he was worried his own empathy was eroding. The Power of Kindness is the result of his search.

This wasn’t the book Goldman set out to write. Initially, he was looking at challenges medical staff faced being empathic to patients in today’s health care environment.

In the video clip above, Goldman tells Ben why his original idea changed, what he learned from his brain MRI, and what he learned from the people he met.