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This Toronto-based hospice offers palliative care for homeless people

A new hospice is opening in Toronto and it’s aiming to help a part of the population most in need.

The Journey Home Hospice will provide quality palliative care for between 40 and 50 homeless (or at risk of being homeless) people per year. It is a partnership involving Inner City Health Associates, Hospice Toronto and Saint Elizabeth Foundation. The hospice, which is the second of its kind in Ontario, is partially funded by the government, but they are also trying to raise money via fundraising.

The average life expectancy for the homeless population is between 34 and 47 years old. According to palliative care physician Dr. Naheed Dosani, that population is 28 times more likely to have hepatitis C, four times more likely to have cancer and five times more likely to have heart disease.

In the video clip above, Anne-Marie speaks with Dr. Naheed Dosani about the new facility and why its services are so important.