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These health travel retreats will leave you feeling recharged

From retreats that offer customized yoga sessions to ones that help get your eating habits back on track, healthy travel is definitely a hot topic. Jennifer Weatherhead-Harrington, editor-in-chief of Travel and Style magazine, shares her go-to spots.


Anamaya Resort, Costa Rica

  • WHY IT’S GREAT: Whether you’re a newbie to yoga or have been practicing for years, a week at this resort is the perfect option for those looking to get in touch with their inner yogi.
  • WHAT TO DO: Sunrise and sunset yoga classes happen daily, with special classes throughout the week. You can spend the rest of your days lounging by the pool with a view, getting a reiki massage, walking into the town of Montezuma and visiting their farm before your evening yoga. If you’re a surfer, you can also check out their yoga/surf activities.
  • NEED TO KNOW: The food is all vegetarian, so your body will be getting a bit of a cleanse, too.


Swellwomen Surf Vacations

  • WHY IT’S GREAT: For the woman who loves adventure and wants to test her hand at being active in the water, Swellwomen retreats are the perfect fit. It’s the ideal getaway for a group of girlfriends who want a bit of adventure.
  • WHAT TO DO: Enjoy early morning walks, kayaking under dramatic cliffs, and cocktails on a breath-taking beach. They also offer mini retreats, so if you’re short on time but still want a quick active getaway, you can still take advantage of it.
  • NEED TO KNOW: They offer retreats all over the world, form Hawaii to Indonesia and Thailand and Nicaragua, but Jennifer suggests you hit up their retreat in Anguilla—a Caribbean island with a quiet vibe and incredible beaches.


Miraval Resort, Arizona

  • WHY IT’S GREAT: If you’re looking to get your mind and body back on track, Miraval in Tucson, Arizona is known as one of the top healthy retreats in North America.
  • WHAT TO DO: From healthy eating at all their dining options to yoga classes, hikes, fitness classes, and pool cardio workouts, there’s no shortage of activities to get your body moving and boost your energy.
  • NEED TO KNOW: They also have wellness and life balance experts on hand to help you make active-living plans for when you get back to real life.


Grail Springs Cleanse and Energize Program, Ontario

  • WHY IT’S GREAT: If you’re looking for a full cleanse, this is your spot. You’ll be getting in touch with Canadian nature while being active (think  canoeing, biking, hiking and meditation classes) and eating right.
  • WHAT TO DO: Squeeze in some spa time—massages will help you relax and unwind as you recharge your body.
  • NEED TO KNOW: The meals are all vegetarian and geared to helping your body cleanse with teas and elixirs.


COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali

  • WHY IT’S GREAT: Bali is a magical place on it’s own, but this hotel is tucked into the jungle and mountains and offers customized meal plans organized by an on-site nutritionist.
  • WHAT TO DO: Local yoga instructors give private and semi-private classes in the open-air yoga pavilion, and there are endless opportunities to do soul-searching while walking around the grounds and learning about the spiritual life of people in Bali.