World Of Dance

Tuesdays 10/8mt

Canadian ballroom dance duo Luka and Jenalyn feeling the Olympic-like heat on ‘World of Dance’

“World of Dance” brings together some of the best dancers from around the world to compete for the chance to win $1,000,000. Amongst the crowd of talented performers is ballroom dancers Luka and Jenalyn, the only Canadian duo competing. 

Their partnership is incomparable and practically perfect. Luka’s athletic physique and ballroom experience supports the sleek flexibility of Jenalyn’s twists around her partner’s head and mid-air flips. Their techniques are acrobatic, rhythmic and impossible to look away from. Despite their obvious chemistry, Luka and Jenalyn didn’t believe they had a chance and were uncertain on whether they should even audition.

 “We thought we’d just give it a shot because there’s no harm in trying,” says Jenalyn. “Also, in Canada there’s not a lot of opportunities like this for dance. We used to have ‘So You Think You Can Dance [Canada]’ but … this is the next best thing.”

Don’t let these young Canadians fool you, they’re no strangers to competition. Luka, 19, and Jenalyn, 16, have been competing together for years and they’re used to standing out as the youngest of the bunch but at “World of Dance,” they’re feeling the pressure. In fact, Luka is taking Jennifer Lopez’s nickname for the show, “Olympics of Dance,” quite literally. 

“That’s one of the biggest things. Again, we come from [Toronto] and that’s on our shoulders internally because we are the only Canadian representative on an international show. You’re not only representing yourself, you’re representing a whole nation. We took that very seriously.” 

The young Canadian duo are certain of one thing, they’ve got an edge that none of their competition has, their acrobatic flair. Jenalyn can swing around Luka’s head, his body and even slide down like a donut on a finger. You might not believe it until you see it and Luka and Jenalyn are riding on those electrifying moves.

“We have stuff that basically you’d never expect from a ballroom couple that would [be] our wow factor. The one thing that people can’t do that we can is those jaw dropping two person death drops,” Luka says.

While J.Lo, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough judge the contestants based on their performance, technique, choreography, creativity and presentation, viewers glimpse the behind the scene reactions of the rival dancers who watch their competition perform and wait for their turns to be called up for a chance of a lifetime. 

Check out Luka and Jenalyn’s performance on “World of Dance” starting tonight on CTV at 10 ET/PT.