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Next Episode: January 17, 2018
Available Online: Wednesdays at 10 PM ET
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Julia Tomlinson

King City, ON
Julia Tomlinson
About Julia Tomlinson

Soul-tinged singer Julia Tomlinson is ready to make her mark on the music industry. Spending countless hours in studio sessions, Julia's ambition, creativity, and positive attitude has helped her grow both personally and as an artist. Captivating audiences with her vocal range and musical variety, Julia has showcased these skills at venues such as Toronto’s Mod Club, The Opera House, and a multitude of private events. Julia’s main influences include Sia, Amy Winehouse, and Pharrell. Through her hard work over the past four years Julia is continuously releasing new music and is making a stand to differentiate her music from all the rest.

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Fun Facts

What is your nickname?


Your top 3 favourite musical artists/musicians/bands are? 

Sia, Amy Winehouse, The Rolling Stones

What's your favourite sport? 


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