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Available Online: Day After Broadcast
Available Online: Day After Broadcast
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The Faceplants

The Faceplants
About The Faceplants

Canadian-bred, five piece pop-rock band The Faceplants deliver an unapologetic, fierce mix of powerful grooves and authoritative soaring melodies, captivating audiences across North America. The band is comprised of Dan (vocals), Garrett (guitar), Graham (keyboard), Chris (bass), and Patrick (drums). Together, their intensity and spirit never fail to thrill. The passion behind their music is the foundation of the vitality of The Faceplants, filling a greater purpose. In 2018, they released their debut album Animalistic and have since released two new singles, “UNHOLY” and “The World I Know.”


Musical Genre(s): Pop Rock
Can’t live without? My guitar, my camera, and chapstick (Dan)
What artist, dead or alive, would you choose to perform with? Green Day (Garrett)
What/who inspires you musically? Time alone; nothing feels greater than time to clear my head and relax for a day or two (Graham)
Artist you’d like to open for? Foo Fighters, The Struts, Aerosmith (Patrick)
Dream musical venue to perform in? Madison Square Garden (Chris)

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