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About Dey

Independent artist Dey (Adey Mulugeta) hopes to establish her own brand of Canadian soul. Born in Vancouver and raised in Toronto, Dey has been quietly active in the underground music scene for the past few years, performing and collaborating with many different local artists across the city. Everything she creates solely depends on her emotions in the moment, building a raw, honest voice. Having no professional lessons or schooling in music, Dey credits the artists she grew up listening to as her teachers.


Musical genre(s): Soul
Which artist, dead or alive, would you choose to perform with? There are way too many legendary artists to choose from, but if I had to pick one, I would say Marvin Gaye.
Do you have a good luck charm and can you describe it? No, but I always wear an Ethiopian cross. It makes me feel protected and reminds me of my identity.
Which artists influence you? A world of artists across all genres has influenced me, everyone from Michael Jackson to Lauryn Hill.

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