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About Del Hartley

Del Hartley’s unique sound transcends the ordinary as he refuses to impose limitations on his style. A self-described modern-day renaissance man, the Ottawa-born singer combines elements of modern R&B with a touch of ‘90s soul. Del’s lyrics are a reflection of his true experiences, bringing a captivating and honest sound with the falsetto of Al Green, and the deep baritone of Teddy Pendergrass. To learn first, from mentors, producers, managers, and artists alike, he explores every connection – a diligent student of both life and art.


Musical genre(s): Alternative, R&B, Soul
What/who inspired you to become a musician? Michael Jackson – as a kid, it was seeing him do the things he did that ignited the flame.
What song do you frequently listen to for motivation and why? “Work Hard, Play Hard” by Wiz Khalifa. The number one song I listen to when I’m working out. When it’s on I can run any distance, lift and weight, and push through anything.
Top 3 favourite musical artists/musicians/bands? Michael Jackson, Usher, John Legend
What is your motto? Go slow to go fast.

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