The Launch S2

Saveria Reveals Her Connection To A Fellow Launch Performer In Exclusive Interview

Saveria has spent more than half her life preparing for her appearance on The Launch. At only 21 years old, Saveria’s resume reads like that of an artist twice her age. Booking her first professional job at only nine years old, Saveria joined Mini Pop Kids, a group that released annual cover albums featuring the top 25 radio hits of the year. Her commitment included photoshoots, filming commercials and music videos, and long hours in the recording studio. A crash course in the music industry, the gruelling schedule for Mini Pop Kids had an impact that was twofold:  it taught Saveria how to be a musician and confirmed that music was exactly what she wanted to do with her life.

“I wouldn’t be as confident if it wasn’t for Mini Pop Kids. Being on camera and learning choreography and being in the studio, that four-year experience was the best experience for my career,” Saveria tells me only a few days before her episode of The Launch is to air. Throughout the interview it’s clear that Saveria has the two key ingredients a musician needs to succeed in addition to talent: passion and professionalism.

Thanks to the success of her run with Mini Pop Kids, Saveria was discovered by a small label that set her up with The Family Channel, which in 2010 cast Saveria in a “Stand Up to Bullying” campaign. The singer traveled across Canada and performed at schools as part of the event, giving her the live audience experience she had missed in Mini Pop Kids.

Entering her teen years, Saveria says she began writing daily and eventually formed the band Daytrip while in college, releasing their debut EP Sleep Through the Madness in May 2018. “Daytrip was always a side project for me, but still a huge inspiration came out of that band and we’ve done great shows together around Ontario,” says Saveria.

After watching fellow London, Ontario resident Poesy on Season 1 of The Launch, Saveria made the decision to audition. “I felt like it was just a natural step for me. I knew that I wanted to take my solo career to the next level,” says Saveria.

The next level included a stunningly delicate and impressive cover of Lady Gaga’s "Born This Way," which Saveria performed on this week’s episode of The Launch for mentors Scott Borchetta, Marie-Mai, and guest mentors Max Kerman from Arkells and producer Jon Levine.

“I remember Scott asking me in the audition why I haven’t made it yet since I had so much experience under my belt. I said that I feel like I’ve been looking for the right song and sometimes it just takes that one song, that one hit, to give you that exposure,” says Saveria. “It felt like that opportunity in itself was meant for me, like I should try out and get launched.”

With her incredible range and deeply emotional performance, Saveria’s audition made her an easy yes to move onto the recording studio. Though she’s a recording studio veteran thanks to her time with Mini Pop Kids and her band Daytrip, stepping into the booth with Borchetta and Levine to record the original song "Down to the Roots" was new territory.

“It was incredible. A little bit nerve-wracking at first because it’s not your typical recording session. One camera on each side of you and then you’re working with two of the greatest people in the industry with Jon and Scott,” says Saveria. “I found myself closing my eyes a little bit, but every time I’m in the recording studio I feel at home. I just kinda had to put myself in that moment. I found myself dancing a lot. I love to dance in the studio, and I feel like that’s the greatest way to loosen yourself up. Jon and Scott are so good at pushing their artists in the recording studio. I felt like I worked really naturally with them.” Adds Saveria with a laugh, “They got me to shake.”

Following her time in the studio with Scott and Jon, Saveria moved onto performance rehearsals, with The Launch stage an intimidating reality for even seasoned performers. “It kind of took me a little while to jump into it. I felt like I was performing so much with my band before I auditioned for The Launch and I had a guitar in front of me most of the time in Daytrip. It’s not that I forgot how to perform, but I felt like I needed that extra push and Marie-Mai was a wonderful mentor when trying to move around stage. The stage is her baby,” says Saveria. “Max’s idea that comes to mind is the mic stand throw. I’ve never done something that intense on stage. The more I practiced with them, it was wonderful. I felt really confident by the end of it and I felt like I could put on a performance by the end of it.”

Saveria’s fond memories of her time on The Launch extend beyond learning from the mentors, with the pop singer excited to connect with the other artists during her episode. “Old Soul Rebel blew me away,” says Saveria. “Even when I met them, their energy is so amazing. They definitely stood out for me in the audition.”

Saveria also revealed that she already had a connection to a fellow performer dating back to her hometown. Hailing from Russell, Ontario, the same small town outside of Ottawa that Charlie The Kid calls home, the pair didn’t meet until they were both students at Fanshawe College in Ontario. As for winding up on the same episode of a national TV show? “It is a small world,” laughs Saveria.

Looking forward, Saveria says she plans to continue recording and performing new music. She’s also relieved to finally be able to tell people about her appearance on The Launch. “The support that I’m getting from everyone is so amazing. Having that limbo-stage where you can’t tell anyone is hard, because it’s something you want to shout from the top of your roof. It’s a huge opportunity for the artist and their family.”