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JP Maurice

Vancouver, BC
JP Maurice
About JP Maurice

JP Maurice, a seasoned Vancouver-based musician, songwriter, and producer knows the highs of his craft, but it is in the lows where he finds his fire – taking the fuel of failed record deals, broken hearts, and the loss of loved ones, and forging the pain into something beautifully optimistic. After touring Canada and Europe, a loss in the family caused JP to focus on channeling his emotions into his music. The tragedy resulted in his “Girls” EP, which sweeps from cinematic pop-noir into slinky neo-soul, all tied together with JP’s powerfully emotive vocals. Challenges haven’t stopped JP Maurice – if anything, they have made him stronger.

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Fun Facts

Your 3 greatest strengths are? 

Loyal, loving, and light-hearted

What is your dream musical venue to perform in? 

Coachella, or the main stage of the Sasquatch! Music Festival

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