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Basil Phoenix

The Pas, MB
Basil Phoenix
About Basil Phoenix

Toronto-based artist Basil Phoenix began singing when she was seven years old and writing music after an accident at the age of 13 left her hospitalized and bedridden for months. With her laptop at her side, she began writing songs to instrumental beats she found on YouTube, recording ideas to her phone, and eventually working with a producer to build on her ideas and create original compositions. With smooth vocals and introspective lyrics, reminiscent of Lauryn Hill mixed with Sade, Basil has amassed a strong following on Instagram and has begun recording songs for the release of her debut EP.

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Fun Facts

What is your personal motto?

“There’s no turning back”.

Your 3 greatest strengths are?

Commitment, giving advice, friendly

What can't you live without?

Leave-in conditioner

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